Let’s Talk About…

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A Series of Free Workshops Offered by Life Counseling Center Ministries This year Life Counseling Center is excited to be offering a series of one-hour workshops on various topics related to counseling and mental health. The series will be led … Continued

Family Matters: Hot Topics in Parenting

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Parenting is not easy. And in today’s culture the challenges is greater as kids face a barrage of messages, influences, and agendas that are contrary to the Christian faith. Parents need help handling hard topics with their kids. When do … Continued

Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World

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It is with excitement that we share this new book with you written by our executive director Eliza Huie. Realities of the Digital Age Have unwanted graphic texts, violent video games, pornography, cyber bullying, sexting, or screen addition been a … Continued

Hope for Religious OCD

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By Esther Smith Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that occurs when people experience overwhelming anxious and intrusive thoughts called obsessions. In response to these obsessions, they engage in rituals and behaviors called compulsions that temporarily reduce their … Continued

Christmas in July- Online Giving Event

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Each week 40-50 people walk through the doors of Life Counseling Center seeking direction and counsel as they face challenging situations. For some their time will only consist of a session or two. Others may end up coming more regularly. … Continued

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