CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE 3/17/2020: Last week, Chapelgate Church organized a COVID-19 Advisory Group made up of medical professionals in the congregation. Upon their recommendation, all counseling appointments have been moved online and will occur via video conferencing. We are still accepting new counselees and look forward to serving you in an online setting.

Who We Are
The hope of the gospel is that God radically transforms lives. The counseling we offer is not just about helping people feel better and fix their situations but to learn how lasting change can be possible through Jesus Christ. We are biblical counselors, clinically informed, offering relationship-based care.

As biblical counselors the foundation of our care is built on the understanding that the Scripture is sufficient to guide and help the unique challenges people face. Clinically informed means that we understand that struggles are complex and can sometimes be linked to physiological or psychological distress. Relationship based speaks to our commitment to seek to know each person well in order to wisely counsel and reflect the loving care of Jesus Christ.

All of our counselors are professionally trained and highly experienced to walk alongside you in your struggle and suffering.

What We Offer
We offer biblical counseling for individuals, children, adolescents, marriages, and families.  Typically after the initial consult, a recommendation for ongoing counseling or a referral to another appropriate organization will be made. We also offer premarital counseling. Couples work with a counselor to learn how to build a strong marriage built on a foundation of trust and faith.

What We Hope
Our hope is that in a world where we all suffer, people would be able to share their stories rather than be isolated in their pain and gain a greater perspective of God’s redemptive purposes for their lives.

Life Counseling Center exists to provide people and churches with biblical counseling that is relationship based, gospel centered, and professionally competent. Our ultimate goal is that people know and rely on Christ’s grace in order to step out into life with renewed faith and courage.

Our vision is to see people and churches equipped to live in light of the transforming hope of the Gospel in a way that brings healing, renewal, and peace.

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