Why We Send Counselors To Japan

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The 2017 Chapelgate Japan Team

For the second time in two years we recently sent two of our counselors to Japan. Why Japan?

Chapelgate Presbyterian Church supports missionaries serving and planting churches in Japan. Every two years the missionaries and church planters come together for training and encouragement at the Church Planter’s Institute conference (CPI). Those attending this conference are given encouragement and teaching to help them in their efforts to bring the gospel to Japan. But attenders often need more care and support than just a conference. That is where our counselors come in.

CPI provides counseling for individuals and couples who would like to talk more deeply about issues they are facing or struggles that are common in full time ministry. Chapelgate’s connection with Life Counseling Center allows us to send counselors to be part of that counseling team. Eliza Huie and Tonya Cherry were sent with 8 other from the Chapelgate team to serve in Japan this past October at the CPI conference. This year the counseling team met with 100 people over 2 days. Each one of those meetings represents a family getting deeper care and direction through counseling. Biblical counseling is basically non-existent in Japan so sending our counselors allows us to be a part of meeting a significant need.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve missionaries and church planters by providing biblical counseling to families as they attend the CPI conference. The gospel is spreading in Japan through the sacrifice of these families who have committed to the Kingdom work in Japan. It is an honor to help support them with this very tangible need by sending our counselors to serve at the CPI conference.