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By Tonya Cherry

As I sat on the dock and looked out at the river, it was so good to be still and feel such peace. I thought about how nice it would be if my contentment timecould just last and if this feeling would remain when my life moved forward. I considered how sad it is that as time passes, our emotions that once felt so intense, can become dull or fade.

When we were young, we saw ourselves strong enough to be fire fighters and graceful enough to be ballerinas. We had the confidence to sing out loud and courage to challenge someone bigger to a race.  We felt so brave and capable of anything. Then milestones passed and time went by.

Some of us have been in tragic situations; bankruptcy or car accidents, and in those moments we have felt such immense relief and gratitude for the people who helped us that we truly wanted to name our kids after our rescuer or will them our inheritance. We felt fortunate and blessed. Then circumstances changed and time went by.

We have had loved ones who faced terrible heartache or illness and we desperately begged God for their healing. When they were well, we made promises to give up our sinful patterns or be more devoted Christians.  We felt so willing and sincere in that moment. We were overcomers. Then priorities shifted and time went by.

When left to our own devices, over time we often become realistic rather than adventurous, busy instead of grateful and forgetful instead of thankful. We allow life events to define how we feel and how we identify ourselves as the seasons change. Although time is going to move forward and I cannot stop the clock from ticking and sit on the boat dock forever; my feeling of contentment can remain. If we purpose our emotions to be rooted in our Father in Heaven rather than our current circumstances, we can continue to be courageous no matter our age, we can remain beholden no matter our status and we can stay devoted no matter our situation. We can feel worthy even as our pace declines. We can remain appreciative even when we feel hurt.  We can chose to be faithful even when the answer is no. God is the creator of time and events; let Him also be the caretaker of how you feel and view yourself.