The Numbers Remind Me…

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Post by Eliza Huiegiving-tuesday

At the end of October I asked Pam, our administrative assistant, if she could get me the number of appointments we had seen to date in 2016. I was preparing our first newsletter and wanted to get a picture of how many people come through our doors in a year. She did the calculations and sent me the number in reply. As I opened the email the number made me pause. I was hit with a deep sense of humble gratefulness as I looked at the number- 1,917. Looking at our calendar for the rest of the year it was clear that we were more than likely going to see around 2,000 people by the end of 2016. The number is a reminder that this is the Lord’s ministry and he has kindly let us be a part.

That is 2,000 stories heard. 2,000 conversations of hope. 2,000 hearts exposed to the Father’s comfort.

This number is a representation of what the ministry of Life Counseling Center provides. In addition to counseling we also offer helpful workshops. In 2016 we did a workshop on same-sex attraction and also held Counseling Conversations, a year-long training class for those in helping ministries. We are already working on the workshop planning for 2017.

It is no a small undertaking to keep up with the costs of running a counseling center that does this much personal ministry. Chapelgate Presbyterian Church graciously underwrites a large portion of our budget and our fees for counseling also go toward operational costs but these combined only meet 80% of our expenses. We are dependent on financial gifts to make up the other 20% which comes to approximately $45,000 a year in needed financial gifts. When I see that number it also causes me to pause. It feels so big. How can we ever meet that? Then I remember that this is the Lord’s ministry and he has others he will call to be a part.

This Giving Tuesday (11/29/16) we are seeking to make a dent in that number. Would you consider Life Counseling Center this season as you give? All gifts are tax deductible.  Thank you for being a part. To give click HERE.