Thank You!

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To all of you who joined us for our Same-sex Attraction and the Christian workshop this past weekend, we hope you were blessed by the helpful presentation and valuable resources. We were very grateful for each one of you and for your willingness to give up your precious weekend time to be with us. We hope it served you well.

We were also very thankful to Allan Edwards and his wife Leanne for being with us. Allan took a delicate topic and spoke truth marinated in love.

As you can imagine, putting on an event like this takes a good amount of preparation. We could not do this without countless hours of work from those at Chapelgate and Life Counseling Center. For that we say a BIG thank you to all who helped make the weekend a success.

The words "THANK YOU" written in vintage metal letterpress type sitting in a wooden drawer.
These simple words are not enough to express our thanks to all who served this past weekend.