President of Center for Parent & Youth Understanding Presenting a Workshop for Parents

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Under the Influence- A workshop for parents and youth workers.

Walt Mueller – President of CPYU (Center for Parent & Youth Understanding) has been working with young people and families for over 35 years. He is a recognized authority on youth culture and family issues, and has appeared on numerous media outlets internationally to discuss teenagers and their world. A regular seminar and conference speaker, he communicates effectively with adults and teenagers alike. He has written extensively on youth culture and family issues and has authored several helpful books on the subject of youth.

Chapelgate Student & Family Ministries are pleased to have Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent & Youth  Understanding (CPYU) for this important & timely workshop.

Abusing drugs, alcohol and tobacco has played too large a role in the teenage experience for way too long. The dangers, consequences, and moral issues related to teen substance abuse are significant and far-reaching.

What can and should parents and youth workers do to prepare their kids for life in a world that promotes and even values the abuse of drugs and alcohol?

In this two-hour seminar, CPYU President Walt Mueller will share the latest information on what drugs kids are abusing and just how widespread that use is. You will learn the reasons kids are drawn to drugs and alcohol, the results of substance abuse, and how to respond with Biblically-based preventive and redemptive strategies.

Cost: $10 per person
Check-In begins at 7PM

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