Now Available: Skype™ Counseling Sessions

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In the past few years the question has come up often about doing counseling sessions via Skype. For several reasons that has not been something that we have been able to offer. Now, however, we are fully equipped to offer this type of counseling.

Here are some examples where someone may benefit from Skype counseling sessions?

  • People that are unable to find solid Biblical counseling in their area.
  • Those expecting a move or relocation before counseling is ended.
  • Family members or close friends in other locations who may be an intrinsic part of the counseling process.
  • Individuals or couples who find their current circumstances prohibitive to travel (i.e. medical issues or people in care-giving roles)

Our counseling center is now equipped with the technology to provide private counseling from a remote location. With a fixed broadband network the sessions are dependable and secure.

If you think you could benefit from remote counseling sessions contact our office for more information. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, a minimum of one in-person visit is required for all counseling sessions.