Family Matters: Hot Topics in Parenting

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Parenting is not easy. And in today’s culture the challenges is greater as kids face a barrage of messages, influences, and agendas that are contrary to the Christian faith. Parents need help handling hard topics with their kids. When do you talk to your children about drugs, sex, or porn? What do you do if your child is struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental health concern? How can you balance life when your son or daughter has special needs? Where do you turn for help if you are faced with raising kids without a spouse? What if your kids are addicted to a screen?

Chapelgate Presbyterian Church and Life Counseling Center invite you to attend a Saturday morning workshop geared toward helping parents navigate the turbulent waters of raising kids. Author, counselor, and parent, Eliza Huie, will be sharing valuable insight on two of the hottest topics of our day; sex and screens. No matter the age of your children you are sure to benefit from her years of experience in walking with parents.

Parents can then choose from six different micro session led by counselors and ministry staff covering various hot topics for all stages of parenting. If you are a parent of toddlers or teens or anything in between you won’t want to miss this workshop.

Key Speaker: Eliza Huie

Breakout Speakers: Esther Smith, Steve Dallwig, Jessica Shen, Tonya Cherry, Jessica Bates, and Rich Starsoneck


Date: Saturday, November 3

Time: 8:30-12:30

Location: Chapelgate

Cost:$15 per person $25 per couple

Register HERE: