Tuesday from January 15th -February 12th
$175 for the entire five weeks
Men and Women,18 and Older
Contact Esther at esmith@chapelgate.org
with questions or to register. Space is limited.

  • Explore biblical wisdom for the stress and anxiety you face.

  • Practice biblical solutions to anxiety.

  • Learn practical skills that reduce anxious thoughts and physical stress.

Counseling ministry can be a lonely endeavor. Balancing the line between respecting confidentiality and seeking supervision can be tricky in a ministry setting. The ability to provide excellent care is directly connected to how much the selor is supported.

If you are a counselor in a ministry setting or you have a team of lay counselors in your church, Life Counseling Center’s counseling supervision will help your ministry flourish.

Contact us for more information: 443-419-3884, lccadmin@chapelgate.org

Class details:

Our time will be more than supervision. Every meeting will include a specific time of equipping related to how to better care for people. This will help you grow in your skills of walking with people. However, our time will be focused on supervision and support for you. Each meeting will touch on the following areas. 
  • Scripture- Looking briefly at a small passage and seeing how it relates to caring for others.
  • Case Consultation- Participants share current situations they are working with and will receive direction, support, and help. Cases are shared confidentially and respectfully and opportunity is given to ask questions. 
  • Topic of Interest- A brief time each meeting will be given to a specific topic of interest. Topics such as anxiety, addiction, trauma, suicide, eating disorders, depression, sexual issues etc. will be chosen and resources will be shared for further help on this issue. Topics of interest will be chosen by the group. 
  • Prayer- Every meeting there will be opportunity to share needs of prayer. We will then pray for any cases we discussed in that meeting.
This group starts January 17th at will meet every month on the 3rd* Thursday evenings from 6 pm- 7:30 pm for 6 months. The total cost for this supervision is $225 for six 90 minute sessions. We have tried to make it as affordable as possible and believe this will truly be worth your time and money spent. 
*The June class will meet on the 2nd Thursday.



LCCM Newsletter Fall 2018


LCCM Newsletter FALL 2018