Christmas in July- Online Giving Event

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Each week 40-50 people walk through the doors of Life Counseling Center seeking direction and counsel as they face challenging situations. For some their time will only consist of a session or two. Others may end up coming more regularly. All are given the compassion we see modeled by Wonderful Counselor himself. One of the ways we feel we can care well for people is by providing a welcoming and comfortable environment with resources to support each person, young or old.

As we seek to do this we need your help!

There are several very practical needs that the center has to operate each day. The compilation of these needs is now on an Amazon Wishlist. You can visit the list and purchase a gift that immediately helps our center.

So what’s on our list?

Resources for Children- Our ministry to children has grown. We see several children almost every day in our offices. Our children’s counseling room is in significant need of child-friendly décor, books, games, and toys. Will you consider giving toward creating a comfortable place for little people to get care?

Resources for Individuals- A fifty-minute session is never enough time to cover all that a person needs as they face personal or relational difficulty. Providing resources to accompany the care and counsel people receive in their session is vital. Take a look at the many resources that our center needs.

Resources for the Office- Here is a biggy! Our office needs go beyond paperclips and pens. Every week we refill our candy dishes and coffee supplies regularly. Things like batteries and clocks are typical needs. And don’t forget the tissues, oh so many tissue! We are also in great need of several office décor items as our walls are a tad bear and our budget has not allowed us to meet those needs.

Would you consider taking a look at our Amazon list and participating in our Christmas in July online giving event? Every gift is a double blessing as we participate in the Amazon Smiles program and a portion of each purchase goes back to our church.

To give you can search Life Counseling Center in the wish list registry at Amazon or simply click the link below. Thank you from everyone at Life Counseling Center!!

Click HERE to give.