Changing Chairs

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It may be surprising to learn that my story with Life Counseling Center began on the other side of the counseling process. I first met Rich Starsoneck as a counselee. The times in that counseling chair were hope-giving and life-changing.

As my counseling came to a close, Rich encouraged me in something which at first, I resisted. He asked me to consider courses at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) and offered to send me to CCEF’s national conference. Reluctantly I agreed. What I didn’t know was that I was about to embark on a journey of changing chairs, from counselee to counselor.

By 2009 I started counseling on a limited basis at Chapelgate while completing courses at CCEF. Through the years, opportunities to serve increased and by 2014 I was counseling regularly. As the ministry grew, I began working alongside Rich as the assistant director and completed a master’s degree in counseling.

In the years that followed, conversations of potential transition began to arise. Rich desired to smoothly move from the role of director to serving as a counselor. So, in 2017 discussions began to formulate and I was once again asked to change chairs. I accepted the position of director in January of 2018.

The journey from counselee to counselor, and from counselor to director has been an unfolding of plans that were not my own. I did not imagine myself in any of these chairs yet it is clear I was called to sit in each one.

As I look back, and now forward, I believe the chair I am most honored to have been called to sit in is that of counselee. As I sat across from Rich so many years ago, I explored what it meant to grip tightly to the life-giving promises of Scripture amidst uncertainty. The conversations in that chair brought to light the reality that Jesus is the stabilizing ballast needed for every situation, and our talks gave fresh courage to my faith. The experience reminds me just how important the ministry of biblical counseling really is. It is with that reality that I take up the role as director with confident dependence, not on myself or my own story, but on God, the writer of our stories.

As I make this new transition, I couldn’t be more honored to continue to serve alongside Rich who has been with me through every step of this journey. We are very blessed to have him continue as a vital part of our biblical counseling team.

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Serving together,

Eliza Huie

Executive Director, Life Counseling Center Ministries


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