Changes at the Counseling Center

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Once upon a time people came to Chapelgate Church to get counseling and would meet here and there and anywhere space could be found. Several years and a few construction projects later people still continue to find help within the same welcoming doors.


The counseling center has seen its share of change since the early years of its simple beginnings. What started as a ministry vision of Mike Rallo and Rich Starsoneck has grown to a formal counseling center. With all the changes it has seen over the years, Life Counseling Center remains a ministry committed to bringing Gospel hope and healing to those facing struggles of various kinds.


Once again the counseling center is moving forward with new changes. In many ways the changes will have a very familiar feel. Most significantly is the change in leadership. After many years of faithful leadership, Rich Starsoneck has handed the leadership to a familiar face. As of January this year, Eliza Huie has assumed the role of director at the counseling center. Rich will continue to be a vital part of the ministry by carrying on his role as counselor. His expertise of care and faithful application of biblical truth is experienced by each person who he graciously walks alongside.


Eliza will also continue to serve on the counseling team while taking up the leadership of the ministry as a whole. She has excellent training for both areas and is excited to be carrying on the vision of Life Counseling Center. Her heart for caring coupled with her zeal for the ministry makes this change an optimistic venture.


With this transition comes other change. Starting this January, the counseling center will begin to take responsibility for its own financial and operational standing. The generosity of Chapelgate has been fundamental in the flourishing of the counseling ministry. Their generous provision and connection will continue in some areas as the counseling center begins to build its own foundation. One noticeable difference is that Pam Riley, who has served the counseling center and Chapelgate faithfully for many years is now serving solely at Chapelgate. We are incredibly grateful for the personal way she served us through the years.


With these changes comes excitement and anticipation coupled with a lot of work. As we make these transitions would you please pray for us? Below are just a few ways you can pray. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for allowing us to be a part of yours. We look forward to serving for many years to come.

Pray for:

  • Transitions to be as smooth as possible and in accordance with the Lord’s leading.
  • Provision for our needs as we begin to stand on our own. (Specifically in the area of financial need, volunteers, and potential counselors.)
  • Continued strengthening of relationships both within our team and with those who are connected to us from various churches and ministries.
  • Wisdom and humility for our team as we continue to provide care and counsel.