It Might Be Time To Talk

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by Tonya Cherry Before they graduate high school 93% of boys and 62% of girls will have been involved in viewing pornography. These numbers are valid for churched teens as well as non-churched. The question is… how are so many kids exposed … Continued

Mommy Tantrum

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By Tonya Cherry My son and I always watch this one show together. We have dedicated our Sunday nights for the past couple years to putting everything aside and sitting on the couch together. I love that we do this. … Continued

A Belly Button Ring? Really?!

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By Tonya Cherry “Mom. Please. I really want one bec…” “That’s enough of that craziness. You are 13. No.” “Mom you are not even listening to me.” “I don’t need to listen. There is NO WAY my 13 year old … Continued

One Day Workshop For Parents of Teens

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More and more families have questions and struggles with what their kids are up against in today’s culture. Pornography, Snapchat, and sexting are just a few of the everyday realities for our kids and their friends. We as parents don’t … Continued

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