Getting Or Giving For Christmas

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By Tonya Cherry I love getting presents for people!  In the weeks before Christmas I always excitedly ask my children, “So what are you getting for Christmas” or “What do you want Santa to get you this year?” Picking out … Continued

Mommy Tantrum

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By Tonya Cherry My son and I always watch this one show together. We have dedicated our Sunday nights for the past couple years to putting everything aside and sitting on the couch together. I love that we do this. … Continued

A Belly Button Ring? Really?!

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By Tonya Cherry “Mom. Please. I really want one bec…” “That’s enough of that craziness. You are 13. No.” “Mom you are not even listening to me.” “I don’t need to listen. There is NO WAY my 13 year old … Continued

Best Wishes Richard and Melissa

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All of us at Life Counseling Center are sending our good-byes and best wishes to with Richard Magill this week. Richard and his wife Melissa will be heading off to Peoria, Illinois for a new chapter in their lives. Richard … Continued

Compelled To Be Clean

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By Tonya Cherry Many of the trials I have faced in my own life, God has used so that I could better understand and relate to the kids I work with. It can actually make me thankful for the hardships … Continued

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