Burnt Toast

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Burnt Toast By Tonya Cherry Love is…. Eating it burnt, shutting it closed and ignoring the stain… I have a ton of little devotional books.  There’s one in every bathroom, there’s one in every glove box and several next to … Continued

Imagine for a Moment

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By Tonya Cherry Imagine for a moment… Your two teens suddenly decide they don’t want to be siblings anymore and one of them moves out. Your heart breaks and it feels like your family has died. You wonder if it’s … Continued

An Update From The Director

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Below is an update from Life Counseling Center’s director, Rich Starsoneck. Dear Friend, It is my privilege to keep you up to date on the news and needs of the counseling center. Your investment in the ministry does not go … Continued

Thank You!

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To all of you who joined us for our Same-sex Attraction and the Christian workshop this past weekend, we hope you were blessed by the helpful presentation and valuable resources. We were very grateful for each one of you and … Continued

Waiting on Fuji

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By Tonya Cherry I have never traveled anywhere far. I hate unfamiliar food and I have no gift at all for learning new languages. But last Summer in anticipation of my children both deserting me to go to college, I … Continued

Same-Sex Attraction and the Christian- An interview with speaker Allan Edwards- Continued

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Next month we welcome Pastor and Speaker Allan Edwards as he shares his story and presents a workshop on how believers can better wrestle with the issue of same-sex attraction. It is time for believers to have a better understanding of how to interact with those who are affected by this issue. In this post we continue our interview with Allan as he discusses the common misunderstanding the church has when discussing same-sex attraction.

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