Life Counseling Center began formally in the summer of 2008; however, our roots go back to the late 1990’s.

At that time there were several ministers and directors on staff at Chapelgate Presbyterian Church who were also trained counselors. They began to counsel informally with members and visitors, as well as people from the church’s addiction, divorce, and single parent ministries. That increased the need for individual as well as marriage and family counseling.

By 2007 it became clear that God was calling us to not only add counselors but to centrally locate the counselors, and dedicate a part of the building for that purpose. In the spring of 2008, work began to build a counseling center by converting a large childcare room into 3 counseling offices and a conference room. By the summer of that year we moved into our new office space. Counseling needs continued to increase and in January of 2012 we added on more counseling rooms.


We, the counseling staff at Life Counseling Center, are humbled to be part of God’s work of heart and life transformation. Our approach to biblical counseling is more than a system of change or a set of techniques. That is why our counseling doesn’t rest on a model or a formula for change, but on the presence and power of a living, active Redeemer.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage people to look at themselves in the mirror of God’s Word, to know and rely on Christ’s grace, and to step out into life with renewed faith and courage. As they do these things, our hope is that they will experience the fact that they have been given “everything they need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3)—all that they need not just for eternal life, but for a God-pleasing life in the here and now.